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Sand Stone Manufactured on Site

We also have a range of Sandstone products, which include Letterboxes, Square Planters, Rectangle Planters and Bench Seats.

Once again, Direct Garden Decor has perfected the techniques and recipes used to make the best possible finished Sand Stone product to last a lifetime in your garden and outdoor area. All of our products are manufactured on site using locally sourced materials.

Letter Boxes

Made in Western Australia on site by skilled craftsmen with a lockable back door and waterproof design. They are available with or without the Junk Mail slot and we offer a service to attach the numbers if required. We even deliver the letterbox and put it in the position you require.


Planters come in 2 different sizes in square or rectangle. They will complement any outdoor area.

Bench Seats

Put in a quiet spot in your outdoor area or a busy spot where you require a bit of time out .... these curved or straight bench seats will create a spot for you to relax.

Pier Caps

All pier caps are made to a high quality on site using the finest locally sourced materials.