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Garden Decor Manufactured on Site

Direct Garden Decor has been designing and manufacturing Garden Statues, Ornaments and Water Features since 1999 and is constantly updating its catalogue and introducing new and exciting products. Duncan's original designs can be found here!

From designing new statues and features to making the moulds to mixing the cement, to colouring the product and the finished product, the techniques have been tried and tested to come up with the best possible product which will not only improve your outdoor area, but will last a lifetime.

Bird Baths

A bird bath is the perfect way to entice birds into your garden, especially during our hot, dry months. Any one of our bird baths would be a wonderful addition to your garden and your feathered friends will love you for it!

Water Features

You can create tranquility in your garden with a fantastic water feature. It is wonderful to create a nice atmosphere with the sounds and effects of running water.... I think sounds better

Center Pieces and Pond Sitters

With the large range of Centre Pieces and Pond Sitters, there is sure to be one that suits your pond or fountain.  Center pieces usually have the pipe in the middle so the water trickles down over the statue.

Urns and Planters

Urns and Planters can be used as a single focal point in your garden with a plant or tree.

Wall Plaques

A Wall Plaque can make the dullest wall a talking point or an enjoyable site. All Wall Plaques come with a hook in place, ready to be displayed as soon as you get it home.


Direct Garden Decor will give your garden or outdoor area some character or create a theme, from tiny frogs to larger fairies, you are sure to find something to suit.  There is a large range in store and it is forever changing.


A well placed statue can create interest and brighten a spot in your garden or outdoor area that just needs .... something!

Bench Seats

Direct Garden Decor's concrete Bench Seat's are great by the front door or in the garden to create that perfect little place to sit and relax.