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About Us

Direct Garden Decor understands that your outdoor area is your entertaining and relaxation oasis, therefore we can help you create the outdoor area you want. Our showroom is filled with working displays of water features and unique pieces to suit any garden design.

Direct Garden Decor has been designing and manufacturing Garden Statues, Ornaments and Water Features since 1999 and is constantly updating its catalogue and introducing new and exciting products. Duncans original designs can be found here!

Over the years, Direct Garden Decor has perfected the techniques and recipes used to make the best possible finished product to last a lifetime in your garden and outdoor area. All of our products are manufactured on site using locally sourced materials.


Direct Garden Decor also import products to widen the range available to you.

Currently we have pots and planters imported from Vietnam. These have been sourced and selected to give you a much bigger variety of pots and planters which are unique to Direct Garden Decor.

We have a range of Mexican Sombreros, Panchos and Frog Planters made in Mexico which will provide a colourful and unique style to your entertaining oasis. We are currently out of stock of Chimineas and all Talavera.

The Artificial Turf can be supplied and installed or supplied for the DIY. Direct Garden Decor can clear the area, do all the prep work and install the turf, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the finished product.

We also have a range of Sandstone products, which include Letterboxes, Square Planters, Rectangle Planters and Bench Seats.

We stock an extensive range of pumps and lights to suit your water feature or just to create a tranquil spot in your garden oasis.

Come in or call our friendly staff who will be happy to help you find that special product to complement your own oasis.